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Discounted ER-8 5 Pack


MATERIAL: High Grade 1065 Carbon Steel
Run-Out Tolerance: 0.015MM (0.0006")  1mm thru 5 mm 

 ER8 Sets Available here     ER8 collet set



ER8 series collets have a capacity of .020-.197 inches. Each ER8 collet has a range of .020 inches(0.5mm). The size indicated on the collet is the largest size it can hold and can be collapsed smaller within its collapse range of .020inches(0.5mm). For example, ER8-3mm can grab a round shank from 3mm diameter to 2.5mm diameter.

Available Sizes:

1mm or .039" ER8

1.5mm or .059" ER8 Collet

2mm or .079" ER8 Collet

3/32" ER8 Collet

2.5mm or .098" ER8 Collet

3mm or .118" ER8 Collet

1/8 " ER8 Collet

3.5mm or .138" Collet

ER8 4mm or .157" Collet

ER8 4.5mm or .177" Collet

ER8 3/16" ER8 Collet

5mm or .197" ER8 Collet